Overheard at Hacklab

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Hacklab has an internal collection of quotes. I obtained permission from a number of people quoted so that I could publish some of the more awesome ones.

<_stillinbeta_>how do you function as a person without the page-up key?


<_stillinbeta_>I am not an IRL to IRC gateway!


Geordie: “Write documentation like a homicidal axe-wielding person is reading your code… Who knows where you live and is easily frustrated.”


Jammies: It [gnome 3] grows on you.
Byron: Yeah, but so does cancer.


Sen: If you need me, just wave. I need to listen to circuit instead of audio…


< colah> Also, most companies probably wouldn’t let me work in Haskell.
I think I’d go into withdrawl if I was forced to use somethng else now a days.


Chris: Box them all and let the compiler sort them out!


[at court, during recess]
Chris: So, what you’re saying is that Byron’s trial would have been more exciting if it had been trial by jury?


Geordie: “Whenever I’m afraid, I just tell my mokey brain that canabilism is not the most likely outcome of this.”


11:07 < digimer> WWDC?
11:08 < frysteev_> WWDC = what would digimer cluster
11:08 < digimer> ALL THE THINGS!


Eric: 10 Airwires Mua-a-a
Geordie: You are not the count, Eric.
Eric: I am when I’m designing boards


Chris: Have you catamorphized today?


Fumon: It only catches a little on fire.


Nick: Don’t worry I’m not heating it beyond its ignition point.




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