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Crosstalk; Repair Cafe.

by on Feb.22, 2015, under Events

On Saturday the Repair Cafe had a successful repair clinic at Hacklab Toronto.
Many came through the lab for a tour while waiting for their spot in line to start
work on their personal treasures to be repaired, and to learn a little about
repair themselves. Like those articles and photo narratives, in the past
crosstalk has featured other spaces, how others engage with the wider community.
This successful Repair Cafe was hosted by Hacklab Toronto, and allowed the lab
to give back to a community that does great work.

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Photo of the week: CT Surprise

by on Dec.20, 2013, under Unpatched Tuesdays

One of our members brought in a CT scan of a Kinder Surprise to show the lab one Tuesday evening, during open house.
Some of those lucky enough to be present this night had the unique chance to see what a CT scan looks like and learn about the process. The picture below provides a glimpse at the detail these machines can capture as well as the difficulties that can be encountered when trying to navigate the UI in the attempt to see around a proverbial and literal corner.  The photo described as view from top down is the top view looking at the imaging data. It is a little hard to distinguish what shape it is what as well as where one object starts and another ends. While in the second image a reference object is present in the foreground aiding the ability to distinguish shapes present in the background of the image within the CT scan imaging. This is why I said those who were present were lucky on that Tuesday evening, we were able to learn about and were provided a glimpse into what medical professionals may see and some of the difficulties they encounter when using visualisation technologies to identify and distinguish between objects.

CT Scan. View from top down.

CT Scan. View from top down.

IMGP6955 (final) (2)

A CT scan of a Kinder Surprise. In the foreground can be seen the Plastic toy. Background can be seen the toy still in the Kinder Egg.

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Bat Phone.

by on Nov.09, 2013, under Projects, Unpatched Tuesdays

During the summer we had two guests stop by on a Tuesday for help with a special project.
To build a Adam West era Bat Phone, which was to be a birthday gift.
So to make sure the gift was not spoiled I was a bit extra cautious and did not post any photos.

Now that the coast is hopefully clear I can post several build photos from the project.
Several HackLab members jumped in on this build aiding with the modification of the phone.
Teaching how to solder and assembling the PCB the guests bought for the project, and
of course quality assurance. Quality assurance in the sense of everyone who was
around once the build was done had to try out the finished build.

Replacing the Bulb with an LED.

Replacing the Bulb with an LED.

Determining how the original guts of the phone are to be reused.

Determining how the original guts of the phone are to be reused.

Assembling the sound shield for the Arduino.

Assembling the sound shield for the Arduino.

Successful installed new LED.

Successful installed new LED.

Bat Phone all built and tested.

Bat Phone all built and tested.

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One snowy open house.

by on Mar.24, 2013, under Unpatched Tuesdays

Laser cutter fun.










During one snowy Hacklab open house there was some creative

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Photo of the week;

by on Feb.20, 2013, under Unpatched Tuesdays

Typical Tuesday.

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Noms, created at last weeks open house.

by on Sep.09, 2012, under Events, Projects

Lemon Muffins

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