Photo of the week; Hack out of necessity

by on Jun.17, 2014, under Projects, Unpatched Tuesdays

Hardwood peddle.

Hardwood pedal.


Out of necessity one of Hacklab’s members had to replace his pedal due to it literally falling apart leaving a stub, if he did not he would not make it to open house in time.
The new pedals that where picked up were the wrong size, so the only logical thing to do was to build a replacement pedal seeing as the stub of the former pedal was still good.
The new pedal functions fairly well but will need to be replaced or reworked for a smoother usage, and needs a little oil. The final pedal has been finished off with a coating of linseed oil that has been rubbed into it.

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  • Salsa

    Lovely! I need to do this to my old bike!

    Btw “peddle” means traveling around selling stuff. The things your feet push on a bike are “pedals” :)

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