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One snowy open house.

by on Mar.24, 2013, under Unpatched Tuesdays

Laser cutter fun.










During one snowy Hacklab open house there was some creative

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Photo of the week;

by on Feb.20, 2013, under Unpatched Tuesdays

Typical Tuesday.

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The pulse of ones work place.

by on Feb.12, 2013, under Unpatched Tuesdays

A while back in 2012 we had a guest drop in to the space on an open to the public night.
Let me remind all of our readers that every Tuesday evening approx at 6pm, the space
is open to the public to drop by, explore, create, collaborate, and geek out.
Our guest did just that. Utilizing one of our work spaces and a soldering station,
he got down to work and demonstrated a short time later his project.

Pulse of the lab.

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Hacklab the choose your own adventure?

by on Feb.08, 2013, under Unpatched Tuesdays

Hacklab the movie Exclusive still preview.

Todays post was originally suppose to be a comic strip that ended upon a past internet Meme which has recently been gracing the lab, specifically the LED sign.                                                               The Meme in question is the video of Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up.  The LED sign just cant handle the current video this internet favourite, but I have high hopes for the video/animation currently in use with some more tweaking and editing it could be fully working in no time.                                         So instead of my intended comic I am present everyone with a mashup between a make your own caption, and what I am calling Hacklab the movie.

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Singularity Chess & Lasers

by on Dec.28, 2012, under Unpatched Tuesdays

Long exposure Photo taken over 30 seconds, as the laser etched the scroll work into the wood.

Click more to see the additional 6 photos and 2 time lapse GIF’s of the Singularity Chess Build.

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Happy Holidays

by on Dec.21, 2012, under Unpatched Tuesdays

Seasons Greetings


Quin recently stopped by Hacklab and collaborated with a member to have her holiday card design cut. In this photo Quin is holding one of her freshly cut cards.

Close up of the Laser cut greeting card.









The Hacklab Elves are hard at work over the last few weeks. I care to share some of the festive spirit, as well as the ticks and treats.



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Quirks and Quarks.

by on Oct.07, 2012, under Unpatched Tuesdays

Welcome bot. Truth.

This weeks post is of Quirky moments that just have not fit in any other posts in the past.
Up, Down, Strange, Charm, Truth, and Beauty.


Robo baby Arduino. It is still crawling at this time but with work it will be on its feet and walking.


Musical moments in the lab.


Taking a break and reading Make Magazine and testing out the classic Red & Blue 3D article.


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Automata, or things that go put put.

by on Sep.18, 2012, under Projects, Uncategorized

Trainoverlord on the test track.

This weeks post is of projects that have come threw the space or live in the space that move, fly, or simply put have motors and are really neat.  Click more for the 9 photos of Trainoverlord, a Quadrocopter, Line following robot, and a sick 6 legged robot I am calling Mr.Roboto.

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Noms, created at last weeks open house.

by on Sep.09, 2012, under Events, Projects

Lemon Muffins

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From Digital Design to Physical

by on Sep.03, 2012, under Projects, Uncategorized

Assembly in Progress.

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