Welcome to Hacklab 2.0

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Here is a little video tour of our new space, on our fancy new YouTube channel!


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Moar Laser

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Thanks to chillinbeta.

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Photo of the week. Hackmass Printing.

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Hackmass printing

Hackmass printing

During the holiday break in December, I was able to print the below bracelet at the lab as a gift. The interesting aspect about this bracelet is that it is generated on-line allowing some customization and sizing for the individual. There is minimal clean up of the object once printed and the hinges work with no effort of cracking them or working them in. The hinges are quite an interesting design shaped in an oblong cylinder with corners that resemble chamfered ends. This shape provides contact to the printer bed without the use of support material and does not exceed the maximum print angle of an additive printer by a large margin. If you are interested in getting one of these visit n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com to customize your own bracelet.


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Hacklab Soldering Workshop

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Hacklab Soldering Workshop (for beginners, free but RSVP required)
Monday December 16th, 2013, 7pm-9pm
Want to learn how circuits are assembled? We’ll show you how to solder, the process of using a hot iron to place parts permanently unto circuit boards. Many easy to assemble and cool kits to choose from!

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Hacklab Propaganda Booth @ Waterloo Mini Maker Faire

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Hacklab had a booth at the Waterloo Mini Maker Faire, ironically held at Kitchener City Hall. We talked to hundreds of people about our tech community here in Kensington Market, and gave away a lot of stickers, buttons, and inspiration. Check out my flickr gallery of the faire, or read the posts I made at Toronto Maker Faire blog and my personal blog digitalcrusader.ca.

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Hacklab Pi Day Party: Friday March 15th 6pm onward

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Toronto Reference Library & Digital Design Studio Visit

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Book Scanning Machine

Over the past couple of months, Hacklab has been having conversations with the Toronto Public Library, especially people at the Toronto Reference Library and the Digital Design Studio. A lot of us LOVE the TPL, it’s one of the largest public library systems in North America, and I personally get a lot of use from it – probably a new book every 2 weeks or so, through their hold system, which wonderfully moves the book from whichever of the 98 branches it’s current at to your branch :-).

A few weeks ago, about a dozen employees of the library visited hacklab for a tour of our space. You can read their wonderful hacklab blog post where they talk about the visit. They peppered us with questions about our 3D printer, the workshops that we run, the philosophy and operation of the space, etc. A good time was had by all!

Sherlock Holmes Chess Set

More recently, they invited us to tour the Toronto Reference Library, one of the largest branches of the Toronto Public Library. You can see a few of the shots I took here: Toronto Reference Library Flickr Set. Sadly of course I don’t have any photos of the awesome view from the transparent elevators! We got to see a lot of the behind-the-scenes places in the library, including the printing room, the preservation and digitization area, and an archival area. We also saw some of their computer classroom areas, the really nifty TD Gallery, currently showing a Sherlock Holmes exhibit (including very cool Sherlock Holmes chess set!), and the all-glass study pods.

They are interested in having some kind of “makerspace” area in at least one of the branches, and so they are touring lots of related things in and around Toronto. Hacklab was pleased to help them out, and if you think this is something the Toronto Public Library should do, I’m sure they’d love to hear your support!

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Free Vegan Dinners

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For the last few months, I’ve prepared free vegan food for Hacklab on Tuesdays: Eggplant bhartas, spring rolls, tofu in spicy peanut sauce, boc choy in garlic sauce, curries…

Rice and curry

Thai Red Curry, Conconut Rice, and Regular Rice (Feb 12, 2013)

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Linden School Visits Hacklab

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Two weeks ago hacklab was able to host students from the Linden School, a local all-girls school.

Soldering blinkies

Soldering blinkies

It was super awesome. They:

  • designed 3D objects in class, which we 3D printed for them in advance
  • soldered simple blinkies
  • saw 3D printers in action
  • saw hacklab’s different tools
  • learned how to pick locks (some)
  • used hacklab’s laser cutter (some)

Afterwards, some of the students described us as the best field trip they’ve ever gone on. More pictures follow!

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Automata, or things that go put put.

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Trainoverlord on the test track.

This weeks post is of projects that have come threw the space or live in the space that move, fly, or simply put have motors and are really neat.  Click more for the 9 photos of Trainoverlord, a Quadrocopter, Line following robot, and a sick 6 legged robot I am calling Mr.Roboto.

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