Molding and Casting Workshop: January 9th, 7pm at Hacklab

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Ever wanted to copy a three dimensional shape? Molding and casting allows you to copy nearly anything – from hands and fingers to toys and sculptures. This beginners workshop (led by relative novices too), will provide you with hands-on exposure to simple molding and casting.

As this workshop, you will:
– be provided with materials for both molding and casting
– make a mold of your thumb or finger
– mix your casting material, and then use your mold to create a solid copy- take it home!

Here’s some sample casts I took a few weeks ago with the materials that we’ll be using:

Hands Casted

This workshop will be hosted by hacklab.to, at 170a Baldwin St., Toronto (which is upstairs, above Graffiti’s Bar & Grill) on the evening of January 9th 7pm-8:15pm. Workshop participants will be charged $10 to cover the costs of materials.

Event registration is required. Tickets (12 only) are available at:



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Basic Electronic Class

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Monday January 16th, 23rd and 30th: three weeks of basic electronics classes, 7pm-9pm.

The Basic Electronics Class is designed to help Arduino hackers and beginner electronics enthusiasts learn some of the important theory and terminology that everyone needs to know. The first set of three classes will attempt to cover as many fundamentals as possible. If you’re confused by ohms law, how to choose and use basic components, or even what basic electronic components are used for, this is the class for you!

Bring general electronics questions, or project ideas as the second half of each class will be an open discussion about electronics topics.

The class will be taught by Andrew Kilpatrick. Andrew has designed all kinds of electronics including his own line of musical equipment: www.kilpatrickaudio.com Andrew has been involved with Hacklab Toronto since 2008.

Update: Due to overwhelming demand, we’re now requiring RSVP/tickets: Hacklab Electronics Class at Eventbrite. Get yours while they last!

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Arduino Projects Workshop, Soldering Workshop

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Monday October 31st: Halloween, no workshop. Make your own costume and get out there and impress :-)

Monday November 7th 7-9pm: Arduino Projects Workshop
Got an Arduino-based project or idea for project that you’d like some help with? Come to our Arduino Projects Workshop! All levels welcome, from complete beginner to seasoned Arduino user, there is always more to learn. We’ll help each other out! If enough beginners show there may also be a guided lesson similar to the last workshop for total beginners. If only a few, Eric will individually help those people get started and work through a few basic examples. Bring your own laptop, Arduino (any kind will do) and USB cable. Instruction is free and open to the public, no RSVP is required.

Monday November 14th 7-9pm: Learn how to Solder
For total beginners, or those with some experience. Learn how to solder. Soldering is a method of assembling an electronic circuit using a hot iron and solder, a metal which liquefies at a fairly low temperature. Instruction by Eric is free, and we’ll have a variety of interesting kits on hand for you to purchase as learning templates. You’ll take your kit home at the end of the night, working, guaranteed! Instruction is free and open to the public, RSVP here (limit 10 people):

Also, reminder that Monday October 24th (next week) is the T-shirt hacking workshop, bring your old T-shirts and make them fresh!

(updated: added the fact that both workshops are 7-9pm)

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Reviving Gamfternoon, take II

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Come visit hacklab Sunday October 16th, 3pm onwards as we revive the “gamfternoon” gaming sessions of hacklab lore. There will be a copy of Settlers of Catan and Dominion (with Seaside expansion) on hand, or bring your games to share with others for the afternoon. The more the merrier, invite all your friends! Non-members totally welcome, the door will be unlocked. We’ll be repeating these gaming sessions every other week, so: Oct 16th, Oct 30th, Nov 13th, etc.

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t-shirt hacking workshop

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Free and open to the public.

Hacklab will be having a t-shirt hacking workshop on Monday October 24th, 7-9pm. We’ll be working with t-shirts and doing things like:

– laser cutting them, ala Diana Eng
– boxy to foxy, like this: Boxy to Foxy
– stylishly cut up your t-shirt, like this:
Cut up the Back of your T-shirt
Revamp an old t-shirt.

Or any other t-shirt hack, if you’re keen and you find some instructions, let’s try it out! Bring your old t-shirts and let’s make them fresh again!

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Train Overlord Hackathon

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Come one, come all, to the 3rd Train Overlord Hackathon. Saturday August 6th, 1pm onwards.

The plan for the Hackathon is to put up way more track. With super awesome acrylic base. But if you’ve got passion to hack on the engine, the software, or whatever, come and hack! The more the merrier.

What is Train Overlord? It’s hacklab’s robotic denizen, our friendly robot overlord, who rules with an iron rail. (well, actually, the rails are aluminum, but the overlord doesn’t let that stop him). The Train Overlord is controlled wirelessly, there is a web interface, and you can download an app on your smart phone to control him directly from your phone. Our goal for the Train Overlord is to have him able to ferry empty cans from the desk to the recycle bins, on command. To that end, the Train Overlord is equipped with a winch mechanism. He also sports a laser, because what self-respecting robot doesn’t have a laser?!?

Anyway, come join us and hack on robots, no experience necessary! Saturday August 6th, 1pm onward.

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Reviving Gamfternoon

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Come visit hacklab this Sunday, 3pm onwards as we revive the “gamfternoon” gaming sessions of hacklab lore. There will be a copy of Settlers of Catan and Dominion on hand, or bring your games to share with others for the afternoon. The more the merrier, invite all your friends! Non-members totally welcome, the door will be unlocked. We’ll probably repeat gaming sessions on a regular basis, though dates and times may change.

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Hacklab Party – Friday April 29

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Come on out! Meet your fellow hackers! Check out the space! Enjoy a tasty beverage!

Things get started at 7pm. Feel free to bring a project to show off, something to drink, or some snacks.

We’ll have some snacks and some beer to share.

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Arduino Servo workshop: Making things move (April 18th, 7pm)

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UPDATE: Notes from this session as well as a detailed online tutorial have now been posted at:  http://wiki.goodrobot.com/wiki/Servos


To reserve your spot for this free workshop please confirm through eventbrite:

This workshop is for anyone who would like to make things move using hobby servos.  Attendance is free and limited to 11 people. Beginners at any level are welcome, though ideally you will have a very basic familiarity with Arduino (for example, you might have tried something like the arduino blink tutorial).

The workshop will be held at Hacklab (170a Baldwin St) 7pm-9pm April 18th. Hacklab is located in Kensington Market, a few blocks SW of College and Spadina. For directions see:                                   http://hacklab.to/location/

In this workshop we will discuss hobby servos, how they work, and what they can be used for. Then we will use our Arduino (an open hardware platform) to control them. For those interested in working with robotics or making things move, controlling servos with arduino is a great first step.
Please bring:
– A laptop (make sure you have downloaded and installed the Arduino Software: see arduino.cc )
– An arduino (Creatron sells them on College St just a few doors east of Spadina)

I’ll supply a variety of servos that you can experiment with. See you there!

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Hacklab Summer BBQ, June 11

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Hacklab is having a Summer BBQ! Mark your calendars!

Get some sun on that pale Hacker skin, enjoy the lake breeze, and have some fun on Toronto Island! I’ve booked a picnic site on Toronto Island for us on Saturday, June 11. I’ll arrange the necessary gear to provide cooking heat and bring some basic food tems. You can bring your own grillables and drinkables as well, and we can have some hacker gourmet action.

Bring a guest… bring lots of guests. Our permit allows us to have up to 100 people on our site.

There’s tons to do:

  • Find the island geocaches!
  • Do some hiking!
  • Go check out the weird little community on Ward’s Island!
  • Fall in the water! Be attacked by geese and swans!
  • Check into Foursquare from a boat!
  • Bring throwable objects to test and refine the strange built-in human ability to predict a ballistic trajectory well enough to actually snatch a flying object out of the air! It may improve your Angry Birds score!
  • Bring your computers and set up an ad-hoc LAN Party! (no generators, please!)
  • Build yourself a kite (there are tons of plans on the interweb), attach an Arduino or digital camera, and have some aerial fun!
  • Take cool photos of the Toronto skyline!
  • Try out the sketchy Centre Island rides and petting zoo!

Date: Saturday, June 11 2011
Time: 2pm – 7pm
Where: Olympic Island, Picnic Site 18

How to get there: Take the Centre Island ferry from the bottom of Bay Street. Our site is about a 5 minute walk from the ferry dock. Just follow the paths to the left and cross the little bridge onto Olympic Island.

What to bring:

  • Sunscreen and a Hat
  • Tasty beverages (park rules say they must be non-alcholic)
  • Lots of water
  • Insect repellant
  • Snacks
  • Things to Grill
  • Outdoor Amusements
  • Bicycle or in-line skates

If you want to bring your own cooking equipment, it must be charcoal or wood powered.

What NOT to bring, according to the park rules:

  • Amplified music or PA system
  • Inflatable games, dunk tanks, generators, tents or tarps
  • Outside caterers
  • Compressed flammable gasses (they are not allowed on the ferry)
  • Ballons, decorations, or signage
  • Alcoholic beverages

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to help out with organization or logistics… I’d appreciate it!

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