Rob Bishop’s Raspberry Pi Hackerspace Tour Visits Toronto

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Hacklab.to in partnership with Seneca’s Centre for Development of Open Technology Presents:

Rob BishopRaspberry Pi: Past, Present, and Future
Rob Bishop, one of the earliest engineers involved with the development of the Raspberry Pi, will be delivering a talk on the educational mission and history behind the Raspberry Pi Foundation as well as technical overview of the Raspberry Pi. He’ll cover the motivation behind the creation of the Raspberry Pi and how they want to help deliver better computing education to the classroom through creation of cheap, open computing devices.

What: A presentation by Rob Bishop of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Demo Room of projects.
When: December 3rd, 7:00 PM
Where: SEQ Building, Seneca@York, 70 The Pond Road, Toronto – Room: 1206
Details: CDOT: Raspberry_Pi_Hackspace_Tour_Toronto

If you have a Raspberry Pi project and would like to be included in the Demo Room, please contact scott@ss.org

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Noms, created at last weeks open house.

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Lemon Muffins

(continue reading…)

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This weeks Hacklab Photo Round up in: 10 photos – Week of (July 8-14).

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Every week for as many as I can I hope to post a collection of Images that depict what the space is all about. It may not be 10 photos each week it maybe more it may be less, but each photo is part of hack labs story.

Here is HackLab as I have glimpsed it this week.


1 - Community Service: The growing pile of E-Waste that community members have brought in for others to pick threw before being picked up by E-Waste disposal.

2 - Exploration: In a basement of a building in the market is a treasure trove of discovery to be found.

3 - Collaboration: Hard work and dedication to a project, can create wonderful things. The two individuals in this photo are working on a Quadrocopter .

4 - Craftsmanship: Taking time to ensure everything is correct.

5 - Creativity: Measuring carefully to realize an idea.

6 - Solutions: Problem solving is something I encounter often in the space, people come in with ideas and collaboration happens. It is not often I get to witness a solution executed so quickly. This instants part of the Ultimaker needed trouble shooting and a custom part was fabricated and installed.

7 - Lasers: Always a cool thing, and in this case a laser cutter hard at work cutting out a Façade for a project.

8 - Curiosity: Getting ready to examine a EPROM with a USB Microscope.

9 - Fascination: Exploring the depths of a EPROM with the USB Microscope.

10 - Easter Eggs: Looking for those little surprises or unexpected discovery's. In this case we found the company's logo amongst the circuitry.

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Toronto RepRap Users Meetup #3 = Great Success!

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The third meetup of the Toronto RepRap User Group was a massive success!

Attendees of the third Toronto RepRap meetup look at a giant Mendel.

We had about 20 people show up, with about 5 RepRaps. Socrates from the Singularity Weblog (who previously did a post on Hacklab) kindly filmed our talks and took pictures!

We had a few short talks by Lance, Adam, Chris, Matt, and Andre which you can watch online (part 1, part 2, part 3). The speakers and topics were:

Thanks again to hacklab for hosting us! Our next meetup will be on March 26th, again the last Monday of the month (can we make this a consistent thing? Maybe!). Since things were starting to get a bit cramped at hacklab, between all of us and the printers, Site 3 will generously be hosting the next meetup.

Finally, I wanted to remind everyone that you too can be a speaker at the next meeting of the Toronto RepRap User Group! It’s nothing formal: just get up and talk for five-ish minutes. No need to contact me in advance, just turn up and tell me before we start the talks! I will be very grateful for more speakers!

(Also, there is now a mailing list for organizing our meetings and discussing Toronto-RepRaping issues.)

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Toronto Haskell Users Meetup

by on Feb.23, 2012, under Events

There’s going to be a Toronto Haskell Users Meetup at hacklab on March 7th starting at 7pm. Come by and meet your fellow Haskellers!

This will be the first one. I’m really looking forward to meeting other Haskellers in person!

Haskell Users of Toronto, unite!

You may optionally sign up for this meetup on eventbrite.

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Toronto RepRap User Group #3

by on Feb.03, 2012, under Events

Mark your calendars: Monday the 27th will be Toronto’s third RepRap User Group Meetup! We’ll be meeting at hacklab (location info) at 7pm! Bring your RepRap/Makerbot/3D printing awesomeness!

Meet your fellow RepRap enthusiasts! Share knowledge, learn about the awesome things people are doing, and have a great time!

Everyone interested in 3D Printing is welcome. People who are being driven insane by their obsession with the awesomeness of 3D printing are strongly encouraged so that they can benefit from contact with the similarly afflicted.

I’m super excited to have this happen and am really looking forward to seeing you there!

You can read a post about the second TRUG meetup on digital crusader. You can optionally sign up at eventbrite (this will make it easier for people to get in touch with you after the event).

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Gamfternoon Continues

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Hacklab will once again be hosting Gamfternoon tomorrow, Sunday January 21st, from 2pm onward (sessions typically wrap up by 6pm). We’ll be playing board games like Dominion, Settlers of Catan, Laser Chess, Go, etc. Come and play games with us! Members of the public are welcome to come and play – you do not have to be a member to get in.

This event repeats every two weeks, so we’ll also be playing on Feb 5th, Feb 19th, March 4th, etc. Check our calendar to confirm dates beyond that.

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Molding and Casting Workshop: January 9th, 7pm at Hacklab

by on Dec.13, 2011, under Events, Workshops

Ever wanted to copy a three dimensional shape? Molding and casting allows you to copy nearly anything – from hands and fingers to toys and sculptures. This beginners workshop (led by relative novices too), will provide you with hands-on exposure to simple molding and casting.

As this workshop, you will:
– be provided with materials for both molding and casting
– make a mold of your thumb or finger
– mix your casting material, and then use your mold to create a solid copy- take it home!

Here’s some sample casts I took a few weeks ago with the materials that we’ll be using:

Hands Casted

This workshop will be hosted by hacklab.to, at 170a Baldwin St., Toronto (which is upstairs, above Graffiti’s Bar & Grill) on the evening of January 9th 7pm-8:15pm. Workshop participants will be charged $10 to cover the costs of materials.

Event registration is required. Tickets (12 only) are available at:



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Basic Electronic Class

by on Dec.12, 2011, under Events, Workshops

Monday January 16th, 23rd and 30th: three weeks of basic electronics classes, 7pm-9pm.

The Basic Electronics Class is designed to help Arduino hackers and beginner electronics enthusiasts learn some of the important theory and terminology that everyone needs to know. The first set of three classes will attempt to cover as many fundamentals as possible. If you’re confused by ohms law, how to choose and use basic components, or even what basic electronic components are used for, this is the class for you!

Bring general electronics questions, or project ideas as the second half of each class will be an open discussion about electronics topics.

The class will be taught by Andrew Kilpatrick. Andrew has designed all kinds of electronics including his own line of musical equipment: www.kilpatrickaudio.com Andrew has been involved with Hacklab Toronto since 2008.

Update: Due to overwhelming demand, we’re now requiring RSVP/tickets: Hacklab Electronics Class at Eventbrite. Get yours while they last!

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Arduino Projects Workshop, Soldering Workshop

by on Oct.17, 2011, under Events

Monday October 31st: Halloween, no workshop. Make your own costume and get out there and impress :-)

Monday November 7th 7-9pm: Arduino Projects Workshop
Got an Arduino-based project or idea for project that you’d like some help with? Come to our Arduino Projects Workshop! All levels welcome, from complete beginner to seasoned Arduino user, there is always more to learn. We’ll help each other out! If enough beginners show there may also be a guided lesson similar to the last workshop for total beginners. If only a few, Eric will individually help those people get started and work through a few basic examples. Bring your own laptop, Arduino (any kind will do) and USB cable. Instruction is free and open to the public, no RSVP is required.

Monday November 14th 7-9pm: Learn how to Solder
For total beginners, or those with some experience. Learn how to solder. Soldering is a method of assembling an electronic circuit using a hot iron and solder, a metal which liquefies at a fairly low temperature. Instruction by Eric is free, and we’ll have a variety of interesting kits on hand for you to purchase as learning templates. You’ll take your kit home at the end of the night, working, guaranteed! Instruction is free and open to the public, RSVP here (limit 10 people):

Also, reminder that Monday October 24th (next week) is the T-shirt hacking workshop, bring your old T-shirts and make them fresh!

(updated: added the fact that both workshops are 7-9pm)

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