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Welcome to Hacklab 2.0

by on Aug.20, 2014, under Uncategorized

Here is a little video tour of our new space, on our fancy new YouTube channel!


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Hacklab Party – Friday April 29

by on Apr.27, 2011, under Events


Come on out! Meet your fellow hackers! Check out the space! Enjoy a tasty beverage!

Things get started at 7pm. Feel free to bring a project to show off, something to drink, or some snacks.

We’ll have some snacks and some beer to share.

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Hacklab Summer BBQ, June 11

by on Apr.05, 2011, under Events

Hacklab is having a Summer BBQ! Mark your calendars!

Get some sun on that pale Hacker skin, enjoy the lake breeze, and have some fun on Toronto Island! I’ve booked a picnic site on Toronto Island for us on Saturday, June 11. I’ll arrange the necessary gear to provide cooking heat and bring some basic food tems. You can bring your own grillables and drinkables as well, and we can have some hacker gourmet action.

Bring a guest… bring lots of guests. Our permit allows us to have up to 100 people on our site.

There’s tons to do:

  • Find the island geocaches!
  • Do some hiking!
  • Go check out the weird little community on Ward’s Island!
  • Fall in the water! Be attacked by geese and swans!
  • Check into Foursquare from a boat!
  • Bring throwable objects to test and refine the strange built-in human ability to predict a ballistic trajectory well enough to actually snatch a flying object out of the air! It may improve your Angry Birds score!
  • Bring your computers and set up an ad-hoc LAN Party! (no generators, please!)
  • Build yourself a kite (there are tons of plans on the interweb), attach an Arduino or digital camera, and have some aerial fun!
  • Take cool photos of the Toronto skyline!
  • Try out the sketchy Centre Island rides and petting zoo!

Date: Saturday, June 11 2011
Time: 2pm – 7pm
Where: Olympic Island, Picnic Site 18

How to get there: Take the Centre Island ferry from the bottom of Bay Street. Our site is about a 5 minute walk from the ferry dock. Just follow the paths to the left and cross the little bridge onto Olympic Island.

What to bring:

  • Sunscreen and a Hat
  • Tasty beverages (park rules say they must be non-alcholic)
  • Lots of water
  • Insect repellant
  • Snacks
  • Things to Grill
  • Outdoor Amusements
  • Bicycle or in-line skates

If you want to bring your own cooking equipment, it must be charcoal or wood powered.

What NOT to bring, according to the park rules:

  • Amplified music or PA system
  • Inflatable games, dunk tanks, generators, tents or tarps
  • Outside caterers
  • Compressed flammable gasses (they are not allowed on the ferry)
  • Ballons, decorations, or signage
  • Alcoholic beverages

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to help out with organization or logistics… I’d appreciate it!

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LED Workshop: Success!

by on Aug.09, 2010, under Events, Workshops

We had a great turnout at Andrew’s LED workshop. It was attended by regular Hacklab members and some new faces who were visiting the lab for the first time.

Andrew discussed the basics of how semiconductors and diodes behave, and how to calculate the related currents and voltages in the circuit. He showed to drive low-power LEDs simply with a current-limiting resistor, and the limitations of that design. He went on to show a circuit for an active constant-current method of driving high power LEDs, and demonstrated various models in LTSpice.

Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop, and thanks to Andrew for presenting it! Watch this blog (and our @hacklabto Twitter) for notices of future electronics and craft workshops at the Hacklab.

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LED Workshop Rescheduled for Aug 8 @ 14:00

by on Jul.24, 2010, under Events, Workshops

Unfortunately Andrew has to reschedule the LED workshop, so it will NOT be held tomorrow! It will be held on Sunday, August 8 at 14:00 instead. Update your calendars!

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Tim Pritlove Presents Liquid Feedback

by on Jul.21, 2010, under Events, Unpatched Tuesdays

Tim Pritlove, founder of the Blinkenlights Project, long term Chaos Computer Club member and Chaos Communication Congress organizer, stopped by Toronto for a visit this week. He gave a presentation at Hacklab Toronto about the Liquid Feedback Project, which is a software package and philosophy being used by the Pirate Party in Germany to facilitate decision making.

Tim presented to a full house of interested Hacklabbers, fielded lots of questions, and sparked some interesting discussion on the nature of democracy. Thanks, Tim!

Tim’s Liquid Feedback Slides.

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LED Workshop – July 25 at 2 p.m.

by on Jul.16, 2010, under Events

Many hackers use LEDs in their circuits. On Sunday July 25, 2010 at 2 p.m., Andrew Kilpatrick will be leading a workshop on how to use LEDs! You will learn both the theory and practice to correctly:

  • Read an LED datasheet
  • Calculate parameters for your circuit
  • Drive high-power, super-bright LEDs
  • Boost efficiency and brightness without blowing up your LED

Non-members are welcome, but a cash donation to the lab would be appreciated.

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Hacklab’s Birthday Party – July 23

by on Jul.15, 2010, under Events

Hacklab Toronto is two years old!

It’s been a great two years — lots of projects, memories and friendships. The result of our efforts is a fun, well-equipped and sustainable hackerspace in Toronto!

Come celebrate with us, show off the lab to your friends, or check it out for the first time.

Show up after 7pm, and bring along some drinks or snacks, if you intend to be hungry or thirsty. Check out the sidebar of the blog for information on how to get to the lab.

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Hacklab in The National Post

by on Nov.20, 2009, under Uncategorized

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LED Sign Details!

by on Feb.01, 2009, under Projects

Andrew has written a detailed blog post about making the LED sign work.

Check it out.

Andrew Kilpatrick: Moving Sign 2

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